If you are a beginner with the Hulu streaming service, then here is the guide to easily watch your favorite Hulu videos on your TV without any other issue.

In the current scenario, Hulu is one of the classic ways to search out the legal TV shows and movies online. You can head to access the website on your mobile device or the TV, but there are some of the steps that you have to take to watch out the Hulu on your TV.

There are some of the few methods for easily putting the Hulu videos on the TV, and the one which your head to select depends on the way you want to do it. In this chain, the first method through the website or the mobile app and another one are smart HDTV along with the third one, and the most complicated option is the hooking up of the computer to the TV. Before heading to all the options, make sure that you have activated your Hulu account.

Watching Hulu with a Casting Device-

There is a probability that the casting device might involve all the devices that you can easily plug into the HDMI port on the HDTV, like a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Google Chromecast. With the lineup of these quality hardware devices, either you will be allowed to stream the videos on your TV, or they have also got a built-in app that you can easily browse via the TV screen.


For example, the desktop version and app of Hulu allow you to click the Chromecast button to quickly put the videos that you are watching out on your HDTV.

Watching Hulu on a compatible Smart HDTV-

In some of the televisions, the application is built into the hard drive. If you are already a Hulu user, then you can easily log in to your Hulu account to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. If not, then you can head to download a free app to let it work properly.


There is a chance that the Smart TVs may come with a browser for browsing the web. But, if you are looking out to watch out the Hulu videos, then you can go for the ultimate Hulu app. They got a special remote that allows accessing the bunch of some sort to head to the apps section straightly.

You may require linking your Hulu account to the smart TV with a Hulu activation code:

1) Firstly, head to log in to the Hulu from the HDTV app.

2) Now, just write the activation code that is displayed on the TV screen.

3) You will require to head to the “Active Your Device” page of Hulu and then login if you get asked.


4) Just head to type the activation code displayed on your TV screen and then tap the “Activate.”

5) After tapping the activate button, your HDTV should directly log in to your Hulu account in just 30 seconds.

Linking of a Laptop to your HDTV-

The third option that you can try out for watching the Hulu videos on the TV is quite a traditional way, which is to plug a laptop computer or desktop directly into the video input port on the TV.


While, most of the latest HDTVs holds the HDMI ports, which signify that you have got an HDMI output or HDMI cable on the desktop or laptop. However, most of the TVs have also got a VGA port for accessing the TV as a monitor for your laptop. With this setup, you will able to watch anything on your TV, including the Hulu also.

Well, check out the technical side of the method, it seems a different task for the various folks. In the case, if you are not accessing an HDMI cable, you will require an adapter that you will require to plug into the speaker port and then break it into the compatible audio component cable. And for this task, you will require a 3.5 mm RCA cable.

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